Colorful Retro Kitchen Options From Big Chill

Big Chill Fridge

I’ve been on a bit of a kitchen kick since Thanksgiving. Specifically super fancy kitchens. And I’m pretty sure I’ve just come across one of the coolest kitchen appliance brands I’ve ever seen, Big Chill. On first glance I thought they were just vintage models in really good condition. Yep, I was definitely wrong and you are too if you’re thinking that same thing. These are brand new appliances made from the highest quality parts on the market with a stamped metal body exterior. There is nothing else on the market today like Big Chill!

The company started out manufacturing refrigerators and has since expanded to stoves and dishwashers, both with the same quality and retro design! Each appliance is available in eight standard stock colors: Beach Blue, Black, Buttercup Yellow, Cherry Red, Jadite Green, Orange, Pink Lemonade, and White. In addition to the stock colors a wide variety of custom RAL colors (over 100 different options) are available for the fridges and dishwashers. If you thought the “normal” appliance color choice (white, cream, black, stainless steel…) was difficult then the options at Big Chill will make your head spin!

Modern Vintage Era Mix Kitchen

Modern with a Splash of Vintage

Some of you might be thinking these are too retro for your kitchen and would never work with your home decor style or interior design. If that’s you, be sure to check out the Big Chill Kitchen Gallery. You can really swing this retro look & feel into any kitchen style and they’ve got the photos to prove it!

So, what does everyone think? Are you digging Big Chill as much as I am? Can you see it working in your kitchen?