Gray as a Paint Color. My love for gray grows.

I love gray, there’s no denying it. Gray clothing, gray sheets, gray shoes, gray bags. I love it. You know what my favorite is, a really nice old heathered gray. Like 1970′s gym t-shirt.

Gray T-Shirt

The Perfect Gray T-Shirt!

I’m sure you can only imagine what my friends thought when I started talking about decorating with gray. They thought I was taking it one step too far. So I took to the great invention of the internet and did some research. All I can say is touché my friends, touché.

Gray is the new neutral in paint color, and according to many uppity fancy interior designers it has been for a while! Here are 3 expert tips to follow when choosing gray as a paint color.

1. Use flat paint, not semigloss or high-gloss, on walls. “Otherwise, any beautiful gray you choose will look like industrial metal—imagine a Dumpster,” says Mark Chamberlain, a New York City painter and a color columnist for Apartment Therapy. Although flat white wall paint is often avoided because it shows smudges and fingerprints, “gray actually hides flaws.”

2. With gray walls, opt for creamy trim, says Erica Islas, a designer in Culver City, California. Stark white can look too jarring. White Dove paint is a good woodwork choice with both light and dark gray walls.

3. Introduce lots of light sources, like table lamps, sconces, and floor lamps. Says Jessica Becker, a Rhode Island interior designer: “Gray is already the color of shadow—you don’t want to cast more with an overhead fixture. Layered lighting keeps the room flattering.”

If you like gray, go for it! Just do it the right way of course. You don’t want your house to look like a dungeon or the inside of a stainless steel canister!

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