Kudos to HomeGoods StyleScope Quiz!

You might recall my semi-harsh review of Martha Stewart’s paint picking color tools online last week. I know, I know some of you might think that wasn’t anywhere near harsh but that’s as harsh as I typically get. :) I figured if Martha has a quiz up like this many others similar (but hopefully with better results) must be out there. I hit Google and searched away!…

HomeGoods StyleScope

StyleScope Quiz Starting Page

After coming across many things that just didn’t even look like they were worth my time I found the HomeGoods StyleScope Quiz.  Right off the bat it looked like a winner – it was created for HomeGoods by Deborah Needleman, the founding editor-in-chief of Domino Magazine.  I get a good feel from the overall look of the page as well as her personal little note. This quiz could actually be helpful to me!

StyleScope Quiz Question #4

If your home were a handbag, what would it be?

So I started off, typed in my name and zip code. Asking for my zip code got me wondering, but maybe, just maybe they are REALLY taking my location into consideration. I’m loving the questions right off the bat. I mean there are only ten of them, but they are really personal, fun questions. The fourth question really made me smile, and would probably hit straight to the heart with most other women too. “If your home were a handbag, what would it be?” Click on the image to see the answer choices – how cute!?!?! And trust me, the questions get even better. They actually show groups of pictures and have you select which one you find more attractive. Oddly enough, I didn’t feel too overly influenced by these pictures because the previous questions had really got my inner self thinking about me!

Putting Your Style to Work!

Putting Your (Elegant Modern) Style to Work!

And now the results…well, I will have to say they are MUCH better than Martha’s Quiz. While I don’t necessarily agree with the very limited ‘happy home colors’ they suggested (I mean they only gave me six bluey, purpley colors!), there is a lot of great info on the style they’ve selected as mine, elegant modern. I’ll admit, the style description is kind of spot on who I am and what I’m trying to do! Kudos to you Deborah! My favorite part of the result set is the tips they give on how to ‘put your style to work’. Wonderful, easy tips towards getting to my ideal home! While the results are detailed, I’m not left feeling overwhelmed. I kind of feel like I’ve got a direction to head in…but, I still have no idea what to do about selecting paint colors.  Eeekk!

I think I’m going to share my results of this StyleGoods quiz with my friends (they make it very easy to do right from the page!). I’d love for them to take the quiz too so we can all compare results and see if they are as good as I think they are! And I definitely encourage you guys to take the quiz and talk about your results, especially if you get better ‘happy home’ paint color options than I did.