Let Your Kids Draw All Over The Wall!

No, I’m not crazy! Just another great home decor idea I heard about over Thanksgiving-chalkboard paint. I thought my brother-in-law was joking when he brought it up. Paint for the wall that creates a chalkboard surface? Does this really exist? I was and still am blown away that something this cool is available! I finally had some free time this morning so I sat down at the computer and did a little research on chalkboard paint…


kid_drawing_chalkboard_wallChalkboard paint is available from many of the major brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and Valspar Paint. Applied to the wall like any other paint you can create a chalkboard surface virtually anywhere in your home. Completely washable and reusable this fantastic paint option can save you from scrubbing marker and crayon off the walls after your kids get tired of drawing on paper! Are you a little upset you didn’t find out about this earlier? I know I am! My children have definitely done a number on a few of the walls in our home.

If you’re concerned that the traditional green or black “chalkboard” color won’t look good in your home don’t worry. Chalkboard paint is available in a wide variety of colors so you can keep your desired mood and style flowing in your home while still creating a “reusable” wall or walls for your kids to decorate.

I wish they had chalkboard paint when I was a kid! But, they do have it now and I’m sure there are many “adult” ways it can be used. Let’s brainstorm together. To get your creative mind going check out this list of cool things to do with chalkboard paint put together by Benjamin Moore. Where else could you use chalkboard paint?…Home Office? Garage? Kitchen?