Why The Funny Paint Color Names?

Color Names - PurplesYou ever wonder why paint brands give their paint colors such strange and funny names? Everyone here at Pure Home does. In fact we have an ongoing list of some the stranger paint color names we’ve come across…Mighty Aphrodite, New Born’s Eyes, Under The Big Top, Delhi Bazaar, Cornbread, Cow Slip 3…

What do these color names mean? That’s the first question that is going to pop into almost everyone’s mind. The minute you start thinking about the color names, whether intentional or unintentional, you are going to have a biased feeling towards that color.

What do we mean by that? Say you see a color you love and know it will look absolutely fabulous in the room you are decorating. You pick up the color chip card to get the detailed info and find out the color name is “Sunflower” and then slowly find yourself questioning the color only because you loathe sunflowers. You start thinking about how they are weeds in certain areas of the country-they just pop up out of nowhere…and thoughts like that keep flowing through you mind until you’ve decided you no longer like that color. In just a matter of minutes, maybe even seconds, you went from loving a color to hating it and searching for another option.Color Names - Yellows

You’ll notice once we go live with Pure Home that our hand crafted colors used by the Inspir™ Color Standard are strictly named with an ICS number. We don’t want you jumping to conclusions about colors because of a romantic name we gave them. We don’t want you to have a negative feeling about a color subconsciously because of a descriptive noun or adjective. So, we can’t answer why paint brand after paint brand feels the need to attach a descriptive name to a paint color. Perhaps it is a branding thing? We don’t know. But, we do know why we DON’T name our paint colors.

What are you thoughts on paint color names? Do you agree or disagree with our methodology? Have you ever found yourself hating a paint color after you saw the name? Let us know!