10 Ideas Inspired by Paint Samples

Over the years I’ve collected quite a few paint samples from all of the projects I was planning but never actually completed. I love how each one feels inspirational and I’ve just had difficulty parting with those pretty little scraps of color. Thankfully I found these great ways to reuse paint samples from Craft Foxes. Check them out:


Perhaps paper bunting is an obvious paint sample craft, but so are “Your Mom” jokes, and yet we still love them. Moreover, they’re easy – a paper punch and a threaded needle are all you need to complete this cheery décor. Make your own floral paint sample garland from Little Bit Funky!

Matchbook Notebook 

Handout this quick and easy favor at your next kiddie corral. These paint sample notebooks are so simple – just fold and staple – that kids could even make them at the party. Learn how to make the Matchbook Notebook from Whimsy Love!

Origami Butterfly 

This one is so obvious that I think we all missed it – paint samples as origami. Duh. While using paint chips will definitely require a creasing tool, unique colors add a delicate shading to this craft.
Learn how to make paper origami butterflies at Joanne’s Craft Nook.


Modge podge makes the crafting world go around. Use the adored adhesive for these unique paint sample coasters. Craft for your own home or turn them into the ideal Ironic Housewarming Gift.
Make your own paint sample coasters via Crafty CPA!

Mosaic Art Decor 

For unique wall decor, consider creating this paper mosaic using clipped paint samples. Straight lines and striking colors are the key to this design, but don’t let that stop you from curving outside the lines. Get the free tutorial to make your own paint sample mosaic from How About Orange!

Table Top 

Need to hide a few of your coffee table’s scrapes and bruises? Cobble the table via paint samples for an easy-meets-trendy makeover. It’s your call whether those sassy paint sample names get to show, but we vote yes. Learn how one crafter made this unique paint sample table at Craft Ahoy!

Place Card 

Know your place with these easy paint sample place cards. Choose colors or paint sample names that match your guest’s personality for a personal (or daring) touch. (If you need one), get the free paint sample place card tutorial from At Home Alterations!

Candle Wreath 

Paint samples are treated as cardstock in this rustically elegant candle wreath. Much like the paper bunting above, use a paper punch to cut some simple shapes before threading them with twine. Add buttons and ribbon for a more embellished look. Get the free tutorial and make your own paint sample candle wreath from The Artful Crafter!

Christmas Card 

Handmade holiday cards – because of course you have lots of time at the holidays. Use paint samples for crafting clever cards, whether they say thank you, Happy B-day, or (oh, no – is at almost here…?) Merry Holidays! Learn how to make your paint sample holiday card from our Handmade Holiday Cards article!

Marilyn Monroe Pixelation 

Blurry – it’s the new in-focus! Using paint samples to pixelate your favorite icon is a clever way to decorate on the cheap. Speaking of cheap, if blonde bombshells aren’t your thing, consider using Mega Man and other 8-bit video game characters for your pixelated viewing pleasure. Get the free tutorial for making the Marilyn Monroe wall décor from Outsa Pop. Or, learn how to transform game characters into crafts via the Video Game-inspired article.