Cheap and Easy Garden Art: Glass Marbles in Your Fence

I don’t know if sticking marbles in my fence will make it look tacky, but I almost don’t care! This marbled fence from Garden Drama is so pretty and fun and I bet the kids would think it looks really cool. Now if only I can convince my husband that drilling holes in his brand new fence is a good idea…

What You Need: A fence, some marbles, and a drill with appropriately sized bit

How To Do It:

Drill a hole into your fence slightly smaller than your marble. You want your marble to press in snugly to help it stay put. No adhesive needed. Try drilling test holes in a piece of scrap wood before going to town on your fence.

Once you know your holes and marbles fit well together, create a meandering pattern all over your fence. Think constellations of stars for inspiration. A gate is a great place to begin, but anywhere you can drill will benefit from the little glimmers of colorful light.

You may lose a marble or two over the winter from the wood contracting and expanding and maybe a couple over the summer, but a little vigilance, popping them back in is all that’s needed.