DIY Shabby Chic – Make Your Own Headboard


Shabby chic hits its peak with cottages. I just love the accents in rose pink and pale mint green in this Northern California cottage of the month from The Old Painted Cottage. If I didn’t have so many young kids running around, I could do a white couch like the one in the cottage living room. Recognize the letter-monogrammed mugs on the dining room table? They’re regulars at Anthropologie, if you’re interested.

diy-panel-headboard-cabinet-doorsIf you’re loving the old doors as repurposed headboards in the bedroom, check out these steps for something very similar – a DIY panel headboard made from cabinet doors:

Step 1 – Measure. Determine how wide the headboard should be. Since I am building this one for a queen mattress, and am going to have the outer posts go all the way to the floor for extra support, my inside (between the posts) measurement is 65″. The height measurement is personal preference – how high do you want the headboard to be?
Step 2 – Frame. This frame is the base for the headboard. I built the frame according to the measurements taken in step 1. Lay the frame out square on the ground and screw together. (If you have a nail gun, use it.)
Step 3 – Legs. 4×4 posts make up the legs. Cut them to the wanted height, making sure to measure extra for the top where the caps will go. Secure these to the sides of the frame.
completed-diy-headboardStep 4 – Doors. My cabinet doors had to be cut down to the same length since they were not all the same. Pre-drill holes into the doors so the screws will be counter-sunk. Secure these doors to the frame with screws.
Step 5 – Trim. Put the top header trim  in place – I used wood glue. Next put the down trim in place to cover up the space between the cabinet doors and the posts. Finally put the lower trim in place. Next, add the decorative post caps to the top of the posts.
Step 6 – Top Shelf. Final step is to install the top shelf. Cut a 1×4 and place it horizontally on top of the cabinet doors and header trim. Secure.

Sand a spots of your paint job, and use crackle paint, and you can get an instant antique look!