Fall Decorating for the Front Yard

I was hoping to come across some interesting outdoor decorating ideas for fall aside from the usual carved pumpkin look. And I found some! DIY Network has some great ideas for decorating your yard using some traditional fall materials in unique ways.

Dried Cornstalk Arrangement

Cornstalks happen to be one of the most popular arrangements out there at the moment. Simply take about 15 to 20 dried cornstalks and bunch them together with bailer’s twine to secure. Leave the bailer’s twine bare or add a colorful fall ribbon in burgundy, green, orange or any fall color. A couple of stacks of straw or hay can sit down in front and add additional appeal. Maybe a jack-o’-lantern or pot of mums can rest on top of the stacks to add more style. Cornstalks can be purchased at many cider mills, roadside vendors or landscaping companies that sell pumpkins and apples.

Dried Indian Corncobs

Dried Indian corncobs are really cute when tied to the center of a dried cornstalk bunch and really adds to the fall and harvest flair. If you are daring, grab some stalks from farmer Pete’s field up the road when he isn’t looking! These make for a spectacular focal point when they frame something such as a porch. Be sure to duplicate another on the opposite side. I like displaying mine against my red barn; this really adds for a unique country look.

Pumpkin and Gourd Arrangement

A simple assortment of pumpkins in different sizes and shapes along with a variety of gourds is a great way to sport fall decor around the outside of your home. Try layering and staggering different ones along your front porch steps. The look created here is timeless and very cozy. Try adding large baskets to the mix and fill them with twigs with berries and maybe an assortment of decorative gourds and small pumpkins.

Wooden Craft Signs and Carvings

Fall is the best time to display your favorite craft items outdoors. Craft shows are in full swing and there are many vendors selling wooden signs. If you are a good painter, try to painting your own decor items and craft signs. Verbally express your love for the fall season with signs such as “Gobblers Gather Here” or “Welcome Fall.” Paint the saying on a turkey shape and add a stake.

Bring the Fall Colors Together With Plants

Mums are definitely the plant of the fall season. With a huge variety of colors such as white, red, burgundy, yellow and orange, you are sure to find a color that will bring zing to your fall decor. Flowering cabbages are also a way to add a little more color to your area. If you don’t have a lot of yard space, try buying some flower pots and add the mums and plants to your porch.

Pretty Fall Wreaths

Wreaths are always popular all year round. They can be purchased almost anywhere and there are some really pretty homemade wreaths out there that many crafters have put together and sell at craft shows or boutiques. If you want to make your own, the best place to start is your local craft store. Starting with a grapevine wreath provides a good base. Adding berries, Indian corn, mini gourds, silk flowers and leaves is a way to really dress things up. You can top it off with a ribbon, if you like.