Get Cozy: Tips for Warming Up the Feeling of Your Home

As much as I love Shabby Chic style, it can be hard to keep it from feeling too delicate. I still want my home to feel cozy and comfortable, not just sweet and pretty. If you’ve got the same trouble, check out Nice Space’s features of a cozy, warm home for a bit of expert advice.

Cozy and Warm Home IdeasWarm Materials & Accents. Some interior decorations in wood, accents of warm colors or a brick stone feature wall can add warmth to a cold design. Plants and flowers will also fill your home with liveliness.

Organic and natural materials can bring warmth of nature into your home making it cozy and homey.

Lived-In Look. Order is good but when it comes to the lived-in look you can notice that it makes any home look inhabited and and thus cozy. The impeccable order in the house can make it look empty with no sign of life. But an unfolded coverlet on a sofa, a cup on the table or an open book show the life that is going on inside your home’s walls. The thing about vintage furniture is that it bear the traces of life on its unfinished surfaces. So using some of it in your home decor can make another trait of a cozy home.

Comfy Furniture. No matter how beautiful your furniture is, it should be comfortable and pleasant to sit or sleep on. Opt for soft upholstered furniture of pastel and warm colors. Puffy cushions and throw pillows can soften the firm furniture while floral tablecloth and ceramic tableware can add a cozy touch to your modern dinner room or kitchen.

Neatness & Order. While the lived-in look help in making your home look cozy, neatness and order should be maintained. Mess can ruin any sense of a cozy home so keep the clutter out of the rooms and maintain clean and neat look. By maintaining the order everyday you can make cleaning much easier. One day sweep the floors, the other wash the windows and keep your bathroom always fresh and clean. Thus you will only need a couple of minutes to clean the house before guests arrive.

Fireplace & Lighting. Fire source have always made any home or place for that matter more welcoming and cozy. Before it were candles and fireplaces, today it’s lighting in any possible form and design you could only imagine. And fireplaces and candles were preserved too. So you have a great choice of the heat and light sources to warm up and illuminate your home with.