Give Your Home a Tuscan, Romantic Look & Feel


Tuscan style fabrics should be lavish and luxurious.

I love the romantic, classic look inspired by a room decorated in the Tuscan style! Home Interiors Zone has some great tips for how to give your living room a Tuscan makeover:

•Paint the walls a Tuscan yellow
•Use silk accent pillows on a brown leather sofa
•Choose lavish and luxurious fabrics for the window hangings, upholstery, etc.
•Put Renaissance-styled paintings on the wall
•Light the room with vintage table lamps
•Designate a little space for wine storage
•Accessorize with bronze or gilded objects, a large mirror, and some candles

Some “must haves for a Tuscany décor are: a brown leather sofa, wood coffee table, throw rug, brick fireplace and a wood book cabinet.”