How to Make a Skateboard Bookshelf

Finally! Something I can do with all of my sons’ old skateboard parts. I swear they go through skateboards like tissue paper. I never see anything wrong with them, but my sons assure me they need to be replaced regularly. So now I have a cute way to turn their old boards into a boy-friendly shelf for their rooms! Check this skateboard bookshelf tutorial out from Instructables if you have a similar situation at home.

Step 1: Supplies

  • • 2 threaded rods
  • • 16 bolts
  • • 16 washers
  • • 2 L shelf brackets
  • • Drill or right angle driver (we used a Craftsman RAID)
  • • 2 skateboards

Step 2: Drill the Skateboard

If your threaded rods are a bit big for the skateboard truck holes, expand the holes with your RAID driver.

Step 3: Put nuts on the rods

First put nuts about 4 inches up. Put a washer on each one.

Step 4: Put rod into skateboard

Put the rod through the first skateboard, and then put another nut on the opposite side.  Make sure the rods are even and tighten down.

Step 5: Put on 2nd skateboard

Screw on 4 more nuts to the other side and slide the skateboard onto that side. Go about 7 inches down. And again, tighten down the bolts.

Step 6: Attach L Brackets

Next you want to attach the L brackets to the bottom of the top deck.  A drill isn’t likely to fit between the decks; this is the real reason we used the right angle driver.

Step 7: Attach to wall

Finally, attach it to the wall and fill it with your favorite books! If you need to adjust the bookshelf height, just move the bolts, slide the deck, and retighten in the new position.