Neutral Is Not Just Beige!

living-room-smoky-neutralDecorating with neutral colors is a great way to get classic moods in a room while maintaining a versatile palette for seasonal or big changes later on. I’m not talking about off-white and beige, either! According to an article on neutral decorating tips from, “There are wide ranges of colors that fall under the category of neutrals. Right from the traditional grays and whites, to the dusty blues, muted reds, sandy browns, soft yellows, subdued greens and many other quiet earth tones. Mixed with each other, they add a perfect element of class and elegance to the home.”

Everything about this room just makes me sigh with the cozy richness it portrays! Like the author mentions, the color selections are both neutral and sublime. Rich textiles like leather, furry animal skin, and woven fabrics mesh well with the deep colors and patterned accessories.