PureHome.com Is Finally Here!

We’re finally live! Years of hard work and research have finally paid off! We launched our beta, and we’re working out all of the bugs to make the platform seamless and complete! Our ideas may have changed a little here and there, but always for the better. The design of the site has gone from ugly to fabulous, if we do say so ourselves!

We had a sneak preview prototype of the site that was pretty hideous because we ignored design completely in order to get our special search engine working – we called that the “Golden Girls” site because it looked like a scene from a living room in that TV show. We think the new style and design is oh, SO much better! (We’d show you a shot of the old site so you could compare, but it’s just too painful on the eyes!)

Check out the new, improved, and user-friendly PureHome.com, and don’t forget to:

    • •  Create a custom color palette from scratch or from an existing color that you have in mind to create a cohesive design for your home décor project!
      Create Palette
    • •  Get your creative juices flowing when you check out the palettes other people have created on our Inspiration page.

      Inspiration Page Example
  • •  Collect your palettes, ideas, product photos, and more in your own Design Studio, where you can keep all of the parts to your project in one place for easy reference as you transform your room.

    Design Studio Example

Stay tuned for more features, tools, and developments to come in the very near future!