The Quick and Easy Kitchen Cabinet Painting Method

I’ve always heard that it’s a massive project to paint your kitchen cabinets. I also have horrendous experience with it, because my mother went crazy one year in the week before Thanksgiving (when we were planning to have tons of people over) and decided to paint our kitchen cabinets. I just remember sanding, and sanding, and sanding… for hours on end.

I came across this step-by-step for how to paint your kitchen cabinets with much more positive and supportive suggestions to make the process seem more reasonable and doable. Thoughts?

painting kitchen cabinets1.) Day 1: Clean and Prime. Get a bucket of soapy water (dish soap) and clean your cabinets. The tops.  The doors. The hinges. The fronts.

2.)  This is where people tell you to sand your cabinets. Unless you want very glossy cabinets, this step can be skipped. It may seem like a bad shortcut, but it will save you a lot of time, and the end product will look just as good without hours and hours of sanding.

3.) Take all of your doors off your cabinet boxes. If you have hardware on your doors, take those off too. It’s not a bad idea to use painter’s tape to number each cabinet door with a corresponding number marked on the cabinet box so remembering where they belong will be easier.

4.) Prime Time. A good primer to use would be one that is water-based so the fumes are minimal, and that sticks to all surfaces without sanding. Other good qualifications to look for: Seals uniformly, blocks stains, dries in 1 hour, and okay to use with any topcoat. You may want to do 2 coats of primer, because otherwise the project could end up taking 3 coats of paint. Ends Day 1.

5.)  Day 2: painting kitchen cabinets completedFirst coat of paint. The best thing to use on cabinets is an oil-based paint or alkyd because of its durability and easy-to-clean surface. Benjamin Moore’s Advance mimics oil-based paint, but is water-based. It is a water born alkyd meaning it has that rock-hard enamel feel when dry, leaving cabinets with an insane amount of durability and wipe-ability. The downside is the 16 hour dry time between coats.

6.) Day 3: Paint another coat.

7.) Day 4: Final coat.

8.) Wait 3-5 days for the paint to fully set and harden before re-hanging your newly-painted cabinets.

Now, do you you feel up for painting your kitchen cabinets? I definitely feel like it’s not impossible, and that’s taking my crazy mom-with-young-kids schedule into account!