Traditional With a Modern Twist: Design Trends Forecasted for Fall 2011

Summer always flies by, but it feels like fall is arriving so much sooner than usual this year! Get the details on home décor trends for fall, with the following report:

Fall 2011 Home Decor Trends

Tradition with a Splash of Modern

This fall’s trends combine classic curves and texture with contemporary fall hues. There is no wrong way to mix them up, as it all depends on your personality and style. But this year’s fall home decor sees an inspiring splash of vintage, traditional styles with subtle modern details, all accented with earth-inspired elements such as stone, wood and metal.

•  Colors that are huge this year include coral, lettuce green, deep purple, bright turquoise and yellow green. The classic earth tones are once again in style, with rich shades of dark reds, oranges, greens and browns tempered with gold and bronze tones.

•  Earth-inspired accessories are a huge trend this year, with style that is moving toward raw, carved wood and stone accessories to create look and texture. Pebble place mats and table decor is all the rage, while carved exotic wooden roots and exotic wood details create understated but nevertheless inspiring looks that bring out the best in the room.

•  Vintage is in, with a retro trend running across the board on fall home decor every style touches, from Victorian to 1950s and ’60s. There’s a feeling of nostalgia in the air, a longing for a time when things were meant to last, when there was security and stability, and that is reflected in the fall decorating trends.

•  Texture is HUGE. Everything is textured to give definition and depth as it adds an interesting element to the rooms. Expect to see embroidery, tweed, pleats and puckers in fabric, while seeing pebbled textures, wooden carvings and etched metal in the accessories used.