Turn Ugly Sweaters Into Cute Pillows!

I have more ugly Christmas sweaters piled up in my house’s closets than you could believe. Grandma and Grandpa (bless their souls) have made it a tradition to send me and the kids brightly patterned Christmas sweaters every single year. The kids wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them in public (let’s face it, neither would I!) so they’ve just been sitting around gathering dust bunnies. I found this tutorial on Centsational Girl for making pillows out of sweaters and I think this is the perfect reincarnation for our old sweaters! They may be ugly as sweaters, but I think they would make the cutest Christmas-themed pillows. Check out this easy sewing project:

Here’s the simple how to: 

First, cut your sweater to the size of your pillow form (whether square or oblong) and allow an extra inch of material all around. Turn the knit material inside out and stitch it together with a sewing machine on 3 ½ sides.  Turn right side out and stuff opening with pillow form, then hand stitch the remaining opening closed.