3 Bedroom Looks You and Your Teenager Will Love!

One of my younger sisters (much younger—she’s just now entering high school!) has been given the go-ahead to redecorate her room. It’s currently very girly with powder pink walls and lots of frills. Now that she’s entered her teen years it’s definitely time for a more grown up look. I’m not sure what she’s thinking of doing, but I thought I would put a few different looks together to inspire her decorating plan.

For all three I used a simple white duvet cover for the bedding. Teenagers change their minds so frequently and grow so fast it’s a good idea to choose neutral versions of the more expensive items. A good comforter or duvet cover in white will last a lot longer than one in a fun pattern she likes today but can’t stand tomorrow. Throw blankets can always be switched out in different colors and patterns to suit her changing style and white goes with everything!

Tasteful & Trendy

I like this color scheme because of how versatile it is. Setting a simple white and gray backdrop gives this space room to breathe and adjust as she gets older. Rich red and soothing blue accent colors can be dialed up or dialed down depending on how she feels. If she wants a brighter, more energy-driven room she can use more hot red, if she wants a more soothing atmosphere she can use more of the soft blue. If she wants to up the girly factor she can bring in more of the pink accent color and dial back the red.

This room would look great with white as the primary wall color and gray, blue, or pink on an accent wall. I’d use the cherry red on furniture, like a desk, for a fun pop of color.



Get the Look: Basic Elements Red Throw Pillow by Villa Home, Provence Nature Throw Pillow by Villa Home, Basic Elements Aqua Throw Pillow by Villa Home, Song Birds IV Wall Art by Big Fish, Rain Sea Striped Rectangle Area Rug by Surya, Tatami White Duvet Cover by Unison, Timothy Red-Orange Throw Blanket by Surya, Red Rose Pouf by Surya, Paint Colors: White ICS NW 15, Gray ICS 13-5, Red ICS 17-8, Blue ICS 12-5, Pink ICS 14-7.

Glam & Glitzy

This look is a little more girly and a lot more glitzy. This is my personal favorite of the three because of how classy and romantic the space feels. I would use the gold leaf temporary wallpaper on an accent wall (probably on the wall the bed leans up against) and hang the gold framed mirror right on top of it. She can then toss the purple throw blanket on top of the white duvet cover for a layered look (and if she wants more gold, she can switch out the purple throw for a gold one).

I just love how the deep purple, cream, and gray balance out the rich gold perfectly. It looks amazing and is a nice twist on the typical purple girl’s room look. A gallery wall of picture frames in gray, cream, and gold would look really amazing in this room, too.


Get the Look: Peonies Gold Leaf Wallpaper by Tempaper Designs, Golden Spire Table Lamp by Motif Designs, Hello Sunshine Wall Art by Sugarboo Designs, Round Floral Overlay Mirror by Traditional Furniture, Paule Marrot Sand Rectangle Area Rug by Surya, Fulton White Duvet Cover by Unison, Soft City Throw Blanket by emma at home, Gold Pintuck Pillow by Surya. Paint Colors: White ICS NW 14, Gray ICS NG 64, Gold ICS 9-2, Purple ICS 5-7, Cream ICS NW 5.

Fun & Funky

This is definitely the most youthful look I put together. The citron chevron temporary wallpaper adds a burst of color and energy (that can be easily switched out for something else as she gets older and changes her style) while the cool teal blue accents give it a hip, mod look. It’s not nearly as feminine as the other two looks, but it’s very playful and fun. The teal shag rug adds texture to the floor and ties together the wall art and lamp really well.

Since citron is such a bright color I would limit its use (an accent wall covered with the wallpaper would be more than enough) and use it in patterned items like throw pillows is a great way to tie it all together.



Get this Look: Zee Honey Wheat Wallpaper by Tempaper Designs, Punctuated I Wall Art by Big Fish, Chocolate Square Corkboard by Mio Culture, Shimmer Teal Blue Rectangle Area Rug by Surya, Porter Charcoal Duvet Cover by Unison, Citron Secret Garden Throw Pillow by Chooty & Co., Hanover Table Lamp from Cyan Design. Paint Colors: White ICS NW 13, Dark Brown ICS NG 86, Citron Yellow-Green ICS 7-3, Teal Blue ICS 17-6, Black ICS NG 87.


 Which look do you like the best?