Color Combo: Mint Green & Apple Spice Red

Mint Green & Apple Red

I adore these colors together. The mod mint green paired with a bright apple spice red gives rooms a very bright and happy atmosphere.

The most popular way to use these colors together is to use the mint green as the primary and bring in the juicy red in small accents. Too much red can be too bright and hot, so dabble it in slowly. Throw pillows, a side table painted red, or accessories like vases are beautiful ways to bring in some red.

People can be hesitant to pair red and green together for fear of creating a home that is perpetually in Christmas mode. With a soft pastel green you don’t have to worry about that at all!

Simple white and black go well with these two colors for a complete color scheme. Look below for a few inspirational photos to get your ideas flowing!

Get these paint colors: Red ICS 17-8 & Mint Green ICS 6-4

Mint Green & Red Kitchen

Photo from Modern-Decors














Mint Green & Red Bathroom

mint green and red bathroom

Photo from Apartment Therapy

















Mint Green & Red Bedroom

mint green and red bedroom

Photo from Young House Love















Mint Green Front Door & Red Leaves

mint green front door

Photo from Indulgy