Color Inspiration: Amazing Crystal Clear Caterpillar

One of my favorite blogs to read in my spare time is Today I Learned Something. Every day the blogger posts something quick and short that is almost always incredibly interesting. The other day I was reading through some old entries and came across this one. After doing a little research on this amazing insect, I came across an article about them on Scientific American. Apparently these caterpillars come from a family of moths called Dalceridae, and the one pictured below was spotted in Cancun, Mexico. Check it out:

Isn’t that amazing? When it turns into a moth it looks like this:

This moth looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book!

I was so enthralled with the amazing colors of this insect I decided to make it today’s color inspiration. Since clear isn’t exactly a color, I had to improvise with white.

Creating this palette was a little tricky. The warm orange and red felt very hot together, so I used a crisp white and gray to help cool it off. A dark green also helped to balance the palette’s temperatures. I love the result!

Since I personally prefer a cooler color palette, I would use the red and orange sparingly in small bursts and let the white and gray take center stage as primaries.

Get the colors: White ICS NW 15, Green ICS 19-4, Red ICS 18-8, Gray ICS 10-5, Orange ICS 16-2.