Color Inspiration: Handmade Soap

Soapy Inspiration

For the past few months I’ve been having a lot of fun making my own handmade soap. What started as just a cute gift idea for my family and friends has blossomed into a hobby I absolutely love.

Experimenting with color has quickly become one of my favorite parts of making soap. There are many colors to choose from and they all turn out differently based on how much colorant you use and how it reacts with the other ingredients in the soap. I love to look for inspiration online for my next batch of soap, and found these beautiful bars from Missouri River Soap:

Blue and Purple Swirl Handmade Soap

Photo from Missouri River Soap

I just adore how dreamy and romantic the colors in this handmade soap are! The shimmery silver color on top is gorgeous and I love the swirling. I created a color palette just as soft and dreamy as these soaps are, check it out:

Pastel Color PaletteI love these colors together, I think they would look especially beautiful and soothing in a child’s room or nursery. I used pale blue ICS 4-5, creamy white ICS NW 13, soft gray ICS 2-6, and light purple ICS 1-6 to create this soft color palette. There were only four colors in the soap so I made a palette with just four colors as well, though a full color palette usually uses five. If I were to add another color to this palette I think it would probably be a soft green or maybe a darker shade of gray for a little contrast.

Blue Pastel Living Room

Photo from Design Shuffle

Lavender and Blue Bedroom

Photo from Cottage Blue Designs

Okay, so the first room doesn’t use all of the colors in my palette, but I still love the simple blue, gray, and white colors they did use. This living room has a very simple, clean feel perfect for relaxing. The second photo uses the colors in my palette but in slightly darker tones.  I think the darker purple color in the bedding gives this room a very youthful and fun feel, a little more energetic than the photo of the living room.

Where there is a color scheme there must be accessories! Here are just a few items that would look great in a room with this dreamy color scheme:

Foggy Bottom Throw Blanket by emma at home

Foggy Bottom Throw Blanket by emma at home

Quills Dusk Pillow Cover by Burrow & Hive

Quills Dusk Pillow Cover by Burrow & Hive

Aqua Antique Medallion Square Throw Pillow by Liora Manne

Aqua Antique Square Throw Pillow by Liora Manne