Daily Design Delight: Do You “Respect the Roll”?

I’ve noticed this ad campaign Cottonelle toilet paper has been running, and every time I see it air on television I can’t help but think, “Really?

Don’t get me wrong, I take pride in my bathroom. I take as much pride in my bathroom’s decor as I do my living room’s! But this whole “respect the roll” idea goes a little far, I think. Sure, keeping a toilet paper roll just hanging out on the back of your toilet has a distinct college dorm look to it, but is it really a crime to have it be visible in the bathroom?

I will say that there are a few toilet paper containers I really love the look of. You can buy one of the Cottonelle ones shown in the commercials (designed by Jonathan Adler) for a very modest price of $2 or free with offer code (plus shipping) or look for one more your style elsewhere. Personally, I would prefer a container that can hold multiple rolls at a time like this one:

What do you think? Do you hide your toilet paper or display it with pride?

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