Decorate with Adventure: 5 Hot Air Balloons for the Home

Recently I have been really attracted to hot air balloons. Of course I would love to take a ride in one someday, but right now I am really loving them as a decor motif. They are beautiful and have such a serene, nostalgic look to them. I’ve been looking around and trying to decide how I want to add this theme into my apartment and found quite a few options! Check them out and tell me what you think:


Hot Air Balloon Wall Decals

Hot Air Balloon Wall Decals from MyWallStickers

#1: Float Hot Air Balloons on the Walls

Give your nursery a serene, floating feel with some hot air balloon wall stickers from Etsy shop MyWallStickers. I personally don’t have a nursery, but I still love these cloud and hot air balloon wall stickers. They give the room such a soft, dreamy feel.





DIY Hot Air Balloon Mobile

DIY Hot Air Balloon Mobile from Paper Matrix

#2: DIY Hot Air Balloon Mobile

Whether you have a nursery to decorate or just want to add a few floating hot air balloons to your home, this hot air balloon mobile is the perfect decoration. This DIY tutorial from Paper Matrix shows you how to create this beautiful hot air balloon mobile. I like this idea, I can think of a few undecorated corners of my apartment that would look amazing with this mobile.






Vintage French Balloon Wall Art II by H. Hal Kramer Co.

Vintage French Balloon Wall Art II by H. Hal Kramer Co.

#3: Hang Hot Air Balloons from a Hook

Finding wall art with a hot air balloon theme isn’t hard, there are variations of this theme everywhere! I am quite fond of this Vintage French Balloon Wall Art II by H. Hal Kramer Co., but there are many others I would happily consider, too. I like this one for a smaller space, but I would love to find something really large to go above my bed.





Take Me With You Hot Air Balloon Frame

Take Me With You Hot Air Balloon Frame from Mmim

#4: Vintage Style Picture Frames

Put your favorite photo in a hot air balloon-themed picture frame and set on your bedroom or living room side table for a little touch of nostalgic style. I love this Take Me With You frame (a vintage hot balloon print is sealed to a simple wood frame to make this).





Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece

Photo from Bridal Guide

#5 Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece

I saw this idea on Bridal Guide, it’s a DIY wedding centerpiece made to look like a hot air balloon. I loved the idea immediately! I’m not getting married anytime soon, but I think this centerpiece would look really pretty in the home. I have a lot of plants, so I am thinking of making this and attaching it to one of my potted plants (though I’ll have to figure out a long-term helium balloon replacement). That would look really cute, don’t you think?