DIY Roundup: 5 Projects Using Old Books

These days it seems everyone has a Kindle, Nook, or iPad, and paper books are going the way of the VHS tape. If you need to empty those shelves and want to put your old books to use why not get crafty with them? Check out these awesome DIY projects using old books we found which you can make using book pages and get crafting!

DIY Magnetic Scrabble BoardDIY Magnetic Scrabble Board

This is a great idea! Old book pages and scrabble tiles give this wall art a fun vintage feel. This tutorial uses a metal backing for the scrabble magnets to stick to, but you could try painting the backing (underneath the book pages) with magnetic paint instead.

Get the full tutorial from Twice Remembered.






How to Print on Book PagesDIY Book Print

Make your own art by printing an image you love onto old book pages. This makes really cute wall art, unique cards, or even a cute way to decorate journals or books (just add Mod Podge!)

Get the tutorial from By Wilma.




DIY Lace Book Page Table RunnerLace Book Page Table Runner

This is a really unique and interesting way to decorate your table! Just tape book pages together and then use a decorative-edge punch to create a pretty border.  Lace book page table runners are perfect for chic spaces and country cottages.

Get the tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens.







DIY Book Page FlowerDIY Book Page Flowers

Decorate your home or make cute gifts with these captivating flowers made of book pages. Just cut petals in a variety of sizes from book pages and wrap around making sure to dab each petal with glue to keep them together.  These book page flowers are definitely a favorite for table decor when hosting.

Get the full tutorial from Twigg Studios.




DIY Book Page Wrapping PaperBook Page Wrapping Paper

Why waste money on wrapping paper when you can recycle old books to wrap gifts with this year? Follow this tutorial to make a cute gift tag, flowers, and wrapping paper out of book pages.  I love these even more than traditional wrapping paper styles, and best of all I don’t have to worry about forgetting to pick up some at the store.  Genius!

Get the full tutorials from Alisa Burke.



We love our books, and as the quote goes, “books are uniquely portable magic”.  Showcase your love for stories and that irreplaceable book-page scent with some of these favorite projects using old books.  How else do books inspire you?