DIY Roundup: 5 Summer Party Crafts

Summer officially started last Wednesday and we’re getting pumped for all the outdoor parties we’ll be planning (and attending!). If you’re thinking the same thing, we have a few great decorating ideas for you. Bring a personalized touch to your summer soirees this season with these 5 DIY summer party decorations:

DIY Orange Tea Light Candle

Give those patio tables a citrusy glow with this DIY orange tea light tutorial from Intimate Weddings. These pretty little tea lights are surprisingly easy to make, all you need is a naval orange, a knife, olive oil, and a lighter. The blogger says you could use any citrus fruit (we’d love to see tiny lime lights and larger grapefruit ones!).





DIY Snow Cone Garland

This DIY snow cone garland project from Creature Comforts is a little time intensive, but the result is more than worth it! String this summery garland outside or indoors for a colorful burst of summer decor. For this project you’ll need Styrofoam balls, acrylic paint, glitter, and a few more items.





DIY Dixie Cup Garland

If you like your garlands to light up, this DIY Dixie cup garland from Hey Gorg might be more your style. All you need for this tutorial is some string lights, Dixie cups of course, colored paper, scissors, and tape.



DIY Paper Umbrella Wreath

Give your door or summer party a tropical island feel with this DIY paper umbrella wreath project from Family Chic with Camilla Fabbri.This project is really easy, all you need to do is stick paper umbrellas into a grapevine or foam wreath and voila, Party Town here you come!






DIY Watermelon Keg

Whether you’re serving jungle juice or just regular juice, it’s sure to taste better coming out of this watermelon keg. To make this you’ll need a few tools to carve out the watermelon and a spigot. Learn how to make it on Food Oddity.