DIY Roundup: Baby Shower Decorations

We’re throwing a baby shower for one of our own this Sunday (one of our designers is having her second daughter!) so we decided to look up some cute DIY baby shower decorations to use for her upcoming shower. Here are just a few we found that we thought were really cute:

Onesie Baby Shower Invitations

We thought these card stock onesie baby invitations were adorable. Just cut and decorate as you like! Get the tutorial here from Made by Marquette.

Paint-Dipped Baby Food Jars DIY

These make really pretty flower containers for a baby shower. Just paint the bottom of the containers the color of your choice and you have some really pretty baby-themed decorations! Get the full tutorial from Oh Happy Day!

Baby Clothing Bouquet

Give your mom-to-be the baby clothes she’ll need in a beautiful, creative way with this baby clothes bouquet from Hello Bee. You’ll need baby clothes (onesies and smaller pieces work best), floral wire and stems, rubber bands, fake leaves, and a few other items. Get the full tutorial here.

DIY Baby Shower Popcorn Favor

Create some cute little treats for your baby shower guests using this “Ready to Pop” popcorn favor from Bump Smitten. Create the cute box and fill with pastel colored M&Ms and popcorn. Get the tutorial here.

Baby Shower Cake

Treat your mommy-to-be (and your shower guests) with this adorable baby block cake from Martha Stewart. You may want to brush up on your baking before attempting this cake—it requires some above-average skills to create. Do you know what Fondant is? If so you’re probably good to go, if not this may be a little tricky. Learn how to make this impressive block cake here. Share with us your favorite baby shower decorations!