DIY Roundup: Make Your Own Unique Vases

Need a few extra vases to hold your flower arrangements in, but don’t want to spend the extra dough to buy a really nice one? You can make your own with common items you already have around the house with these fantastic DIY vase projects!

In a serious hurry? This DIY vase tutorial from Curbly claims you can make this sleek, modern darling in 30 seconds using only glass votive holder and a balloon! They can be any color and any pattern you like and are incredibly easy to make! There are so many great variations possible with this project.

If you have small children who have recently outgrown their adorable little socks and leggings, this might just be the vase for you! To make this vase, the good people over at Paper N Stitch took some old baby socks and glue to create these beautifully patterned vases. They’re a great way to use up old baby clothes while creating something new!

These paper-covered DIY vases from Natural Home and Garden are almost as easy to make as the balloon ones! Just cut a piece of decorative paper of your choosing and wrap it around a glass vase. Any craft or art store will have a large assortment of pretty papers to choose from!

These cork vases from Paper N Stitch Blog are really amazing. Just take some old soup cans and sheets of cork and voila! Totally awesome vases! The best thing about these are you can pin little notes to them as well, so they can double as desk organization containers.

This one is for all the spray paint lovers out there! To make these striking vases, Style Me Pretty has a short and sweet tutorial to follow. All you need is some spray paint of your choosing and some glass vases (you can pick up some for cheap at any thrift store). We love the matte black they used for these ones!

Do you have any awesome DIY projects you’d like to share with us? Link them up below!