DIY Roundup: Make Your Own Wall Art

Acquiring the right wall art for your home can be an art in itself. Original paintings are expensive, posters look cheap, framed prints can be a happy medium but are often a hassle to have matted and framed. What’s a girl to do? Just say forget it and leave your walls blank? No! You create your own wall art!

Try out these five tutorials we found from around the web to dress up your walls without breaking the bank:

Sure, you could always just hang a framed map on your wall as art, but why do that when you can get a little more creative with it? Try this do-it-yourself tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets to get this look for your home. All you need is some Mod Podge, spray paint, canvases in various sizes, and one large world map.

For this fun, whimsical DIY wall art from Time Out New York all you need are some old photographs, black construction paper, scissors and tape, and an assortment of picture frames. Photos with people in active poses work best for this project, so the figures look like they are coming alive on the wall.

This rough and rustic wall art from By Stephanie Lynn is a little more time intensive. To create this work of art you’ll need some plywood, wood strips, circular saw, wood glue, wood stain, and clamp. When it’s all done you’ll have a unique piece of rustic wall art to display!

This hip, modern, and eye-catching piece of DIY wall art from The New Domestic is easy to make and really adds a pop of color to the room. All you’ll need to create this piece of art is some acrylic paint, large canvas, and 1/4″ painters tape. This piece would look perfect in a contemporary style home!

For this dramatic chevron pattern DIY wall art from Make Under My Life you’ll need a few canvasses, bronze gold acrylic paint, paintbrush, painters tape, and a chevron stencil. You can paint this pattern any combination of colors you like, you don’t have to stick with the gold and white. Bright citron yellow and white or aqua blue and white would be great color combinations for a bright, cheerful look.

Need some more inspiration for diy wall art? Check out our Wonderful Wall Art Pinterest Board for some more ideas!