DIY Roundup: Summer Wedding Decorations

We know, we know. We’re all about home decor, so why are we suddenly talking about weddings? We’ve had a few engagements occur in the office recently and we couldn’t be more excited for their upcoming nuptials! In celebration of our newly engaged, we thoguht it’d be fun to do a DIY roundup on summer wedding decorations. And hey, who says you can’t use them in your home, too?

DIY Wedding Invitations Made of Wallpaper

Dress up your wedding invitations by using wallpaper scraps or unused samples to make decorative envelopes. Just use a pre-made envelope as a guide and trace an outline on your wallpaper of choice. Crease the wallpaper where appropriate and secure with all-purpose glue. Who needs fancy invitations when you have wallpaper? You can see more ways to use wallpaper in your wedding on Martha Stewart.





DIY Burlap Wedding Programs

If you’re having a shabby chic or country style wedding these burlap wedding programs from Intimate Weddings are perfect for you. You will need to use a sewing machine for this project, but other than that it looks it pretty simple. Just print out your programs on decorative card stock and follow the tutorial to sew the program together.





DIY Summer Wedding Centerpiece

We love this idea from No Knows Weddings. Create bright, summer-themed centerpieces for your wedding (or any summer event) using glass vases, flowers, and some sliced fruit. Use yellow lemons or green limes depending on your wedding’s color scheme.





DIY Wedding Confetti

Anyone who loves home decor is likely to have a few of these lying around the house. Guess what this confetti is made of yet? Paint chips! No matter what your wedding’s color scheme is there are paint chips out there to match. Cut them into circles or hearts and decorate your tables with them. Idea from Made from Scratch.



DIY Wedding Decoration Using Candy

Bring a splash of summery sweetness to your wedding by filling glass vases, wine glasses, and other items with colorful candy. We love the idea of using jellybeans (with 50 different colors you’re sure to find some you like!). We got this idea from Project Wedding.