HGTV’s Color of the Month for May is Navy Blue!

Photo by Eric Roth

I couldn’t possibly be more in love with HGTV’s Color of the Month for May: Navy Blue. I’ve fully embraced this color lately, from my couch to my clothes. I’ve gone through two seasons now with my blue couch and I’ve found that switching up my color scheme has been incredibly easy. Navy blue pairs well with so many colors that it’s really a versatile choice for a home that likes to switch it up!

Here’s what HGTV Senior Editor Briana Mowrey has to say about it:

”Navy is a classic color, but because it’s so versatile and plays well in almost any palette, it somehow manages to feel fresh and new season after season. It can be masculine, traditional, preppy, eclectic  — anything you want it to be.”

I couldn’t agree more! Check out the color combinations I use in my home with navy blue:

Navy Blue & Yellow

A light yellow really pops against dark navy blue. I use this combination in my living room (blue couch, yellow pillows and accent furniture).


Navy Blue & Powder Blue

I use this color combination in my bedroom. Navy blue and powder blue harmonize really well together in my bedding set.


Navy Blue & Mint Green

When I get bored of my yellow accents in the living room, I mix it up with some mint green. I change out my throw pillows for mint green ones and scale back my yellow accessories.

One combination I’ve been itching to try is navy blue with a bright coral-tangerine. Once the summer months get a little closer I think I’ll put away my mint green items and switch them out for some warm reddish-orange accents. Navy blue also looks really fresh with a bright white, but I reserve that combination for my wardrobe!

Do you use navy blue in your home or your clothes (or both, like me)?