5 Bedroom Ideas for Creating a More Relaxing Space

5 Bedroom Ideas for Creating a Soothing Atmosphere

1. Color, Color, Color

Choosing the right colors for your bedroom is the first step for creating a more relaxing atmosphere. Blue, whether it’s a light, powdery shade or a deep navy, is a great color for bedrooms. Other soothing shades for bedrooms are blue-tinted purples, grays, and browns.

bedroom-colors1. Powder Blue ICS 8-5 2. Muted Blue ICS 8-6 3. Crisp Blue ICS 12-5 4. Dark Gray-Blue ICS 16-6 5. Purple ICS 6-6 6. Light Gray ICS 13-5 7. Cream ICS NW 4 8. Muted Brown ICS NG 53 9. Brown ICS NG 55

2. Go Dimmer

Lighting is often an overlooked (yet crucial!) piece to creating atmosphere in a room, especially a bedroom. Bright overhead lighting in the bedroom doesn’t do anyone any good. In the evenings, turn on bedside lamps for a soft glow you can read by and turn off without getting out of bed. In the morning, when you need to wake up, throw open the curtains and let natural light stream in. It’s much nicer to wake up to!

black-and-white-bedroomPhoto by Eric Roth

If you can’t get away from your overhead lighting, you can always install a dimmer switch. This allows you to create a soft, relaxing atmosphere with just a turn of the dial.

3. Layer Your Bedding

You can’t have a relaxing bedroom without a super comfy bed. Layering pillows and throws helps create a very plush and comfortable bed that is just begging to be crawled into. If you start with a simple white duvet cover and pillows you can layer in color and pattern as the mood strikes you and the seasons change.

layered-bedPhoto by Eric Roth

4. Soften the Floors

Whether you have carpet or hardwood floors, adding some texture through a nice throw rug is another way to add a feeling of comfort to the room. Not only does it feel nice on bare feet, the texture of the rug pile helps to keep outside sound out (perfect for apartments or bedrooms above living spaces).

textured-green-rugAros Moss Green Round Rug by Surya

5. Add Some Soothing Scents

The sense of smell is powerful. Certain scents can evoke powerful memories, some can turn your stomach, and others can help you relax. Lavender is known for its calming properties, so why not have some in your bedroom? Keep a vase full of cut lavender on your bedside table, a live lavender plant, or nestle a satchel of lavender buds underneath your pillow.


I hope these bedroom ideas were helpful! How do you create a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom?