DIY Ideas: Peel and Stick Wood Panels from Stikwood

We are incredibly excited to have Stikwood on Pure Home! This amazing company produces easy-to-use peel and stick wood panels perfect for updating your walls. All you have to do is plan your design, prep your wall, and stick the paneling up.

Stikwood comes in a variety of wood grains and washes, so you can get the exact look and feel you want! Check out six of our favorites:

Peel and Stick Wood Paneling

First row (left to right): Barn Red, Plum, White Weathered. Second row: Honey, Black Cherry, Morning Mist.


Want to learn a little more about Stikwood? Check out this short interview with Laura McCall, co-owner of Stikwood:

Where did the idea for Stikwood come from?

During a drive to Vancouver (wedding anniversary/sales call trip) we were brainstorming on how to create an obtainable wood wall for consumers instead of a typical construction-built wood wall. Jerry came up with the idea to use thin wood technology using the wall or other surface as the substrate. We are able to eliminate cost and construction hassles by making Stikwood a DIY product without major construction.

In what ways is Stikwood an environmentally friendly company?

Stikwood is made in the USA, VOC free, and uses reclaimed materials. Also, by using thin wood technology you are using less wood and materials. Stikwood weighs very little. A 40 square foot box weighs under 20 lbs, reducing the carbon footprint of shipping by about 80%.

Stikwood is perfect for giving boring walls a beautiful new look. What other ways can Stikwood be used in the home?

Our customers have used Stikwood on table tops, bookcases, and to cover glass and file cabinets. The front of bars/islands, headboards, sliding closet doors, kitchen cabinets. You can be very creative with Stikwood.

What is in the future for Stikwood? Do you have any plans for new products?

We have several new products coming out this year that are very exciting. Can’t reveal them yet but we are very very excited!

Want to see how Stikwood works? Check out this short video to learn how to use Stikwood in your home:

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