Football Season: Let’s Party! Three Creative Ways to Celebrate

It’s baaaaack! Football season is making its yearly debut; tailgating, barbecues, and loud roars coming through tavern walls. This is a great time of year to celebrate the changing of seasons with the yearly “right of [football] passage.”

On this note, we have come up with three creative ways to celebrate your sport!

1. Food and Drink. Check out these awesome ways in which you could represent your favorite sport with great snacks and cocktails!

If this isn’t amazing, then I don’t know what is!

f7ff2de7d6e3f3ad1d5b3d515cc4d017Image Source: Visboo, Online

How simple, but a conversation piece: Football Meatloaf. Just by molding your favorite meatloaf recipe into the shape of a football, you can still get your point across!

footballmeatloaf (1)Image Source: Cute Food for Kids, Online

Show your team spirit with a little food coloring and your favorite cocktail! Click the image below to see the recipe for your favorite team.

f1c4f54d129a15157d8d59e9d2f88c73Image Source: Stilettosetsports, Online

2. Football Decor. When having guests over for your football party, it is always important to represent your team with decor! This builds spirit, and creates a team-focused environment.

101865148.jpg.rendition.pImage Source: BHG, Online

Here are some of Pure Home’s picks for Football Decor:


Wall Decal, Wallstar Graphics. Sports Pillows, DENY Designs. Shower Curtain, DENY Designs.

3. Games and Activities. There’s no better way to get your guests involved than to engage them in some football trivia, cards, or other activities. Here are some of our favorites.
NFL Nickname Race Game, Funsational Online.
Football Bingo, One Charming Party, Online.
Football Photo Booth, HWTM, Online.
Set up your own camera booth! Just some referee patterned sheets, props and a camera is all you need!  Go team!