Fun and Engaging DIY Halloween Decor!

Halloween is coming up soon, which produces some of the most unique and fun decorations of the year.  Basically anything goes, as I’m sure you’ll see by the smears of fake spider webs on trees and houses as you drive down the street.  But Halloween decorations don’t have to be creepy or scary; there are a lot of cute and kid friendly projects that you can do.  Personally I’m not the craftiest person, so I’m always excited when I come across do it yourself projects that look great, but are also easy to put together.

There are a million suggestions when it comes to Halloween pumpkins, especially about turning them into Jack-O’-Lanterns, so it’s always fun to come up with new ways to transform them.  When I saw these black cat pumpkins on HGTV, I absolutely fell in love!  You paint the pumpkins black, use a white paint pen to draw the eyes, glue on some foam triangles for the ears, and cut whiskers and noses out of felt to glue on.  If they are meant for indoors you could probably substitute those materials for some thick construction paper to make it even easier.  And there you have it, black cat pumpkins!

original_Layla-Palmer-Halloween-cat-pumpkin-beauty1_3x4_lg(Click the photo for complete instructions)  Image Source: HGTV, Online.

I came across this bat jar of beans, and had to figure out how it was done!  I tried to guess before I read the instructions, and let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t try to attempt it without reading the secret.  I would have been literally trying to stack beans just right against the glass, which would have probably never worked out!  The secret (have you guessed it?) is taking a piece of card stock and gluing the beans in the pattern you want, completely covering the paper.  Then you place the paper against the side of the jar and fill in beans around it.  You can also put something in the middle of the jar so you don’t actually have to have that many beans.  You could also try this with M&M’s or Skittles to make designs with other colors for other holidays – I might try using Reece’s Pieces to make a pumpkin in a jar, if I can bear to sacrifice that many to a glue stick!

5027_101509_batjar_hd(Click the photo for complete instructions)  Image Source: Martha Stewart, Online.

This one is on the silly side, but it is so quirky and easy to do I had to include it!  You can stretch socks over your table legs (I think you could also use wrapping paper for a similar effect), place a shoe under each leg, and you have a bizarre table monster sure to strike up conversations at your next get together.  I would probably give the side of a table some large googly eyes to complete the look!

legs_closeupImage Source: Spoonful, Online.

If you are throwing a dinner party a little too elegant for a table monster, you can place white pumpkins wrapped in holly berries or bittersweet vines to create festive centerpieces.  You can either paint pumpkins white, or you can buy ceramic or wood pumpkins.  The table below actually has a mix of real pumpkins and ceramic pumpkins, which I didn’t even notice at first!

BHG Bittersweet_088Image Source: yourcozyhome, Online.

If you want to replicate the look above, here is a pumpkin from Pure Home ready to place directly in your centerpiece.  Just click on the photo!