Color Crush: Paradise Blue

Decorative Accessories in Ocean Shades

Warm weather definitely turns my thoughts to sand and sun, how about you? HGTV’s Color of the Month, Paradise Blue, brings to mind the deep blue waters of the Caribbean. Blues create a calm, peaceful atmosphere that fosters a sense of quiet and rejeuvenation. Want to dive in with me?  Check out how the ombre’d blue walls of this room transform what might have been just a white box into a deep blue sea.  You know that feeling you got as a kid when you sunk to the bottom of the pool?  You’ll relive that tranquil feeling every time you step into this room.

Paradise Blue Ombre Wall

Photo via Magnus Anesund

But maybe you’re renting and can’t paint your walls? Or perhaps you’d rather not make quite such a bold choice in paint. You can still create the soothing sensation of light filled water just by adding a few paradise blue decorative accessories into your decor.  Here are a few I’m loving right now!

Color Crush Paradise Blue_decorative accessories

1. Turquoise Hand-dyed Watercolor Pillow, $73 2. Retro Turquoise Wall Clock, $36.75 3. VIT Jade Pod Vase, $79 4. The Acapulco Chair, $475 5. Cancun Turquoise and Moss Green Area Rug $56.93-$131.96 6. Zulu Love Train Swazi Lamp Finial, $55 7. Jordan Table Lamp, $258