Ugly Tile in Your Bathroom? Here are 3 Ways You Can Make It Work!

As an Interior Designer, I have come across my fair share of outdated bathrooms. They are typically from the 1950′s-1960′s era, with your cliche peach or mint colored tiles covering the entire space. Too often, my clients have been under the misconception that they just need to take a bulldozer to the walls and start completely over.

phx50sbath4Image Source: Hanbury House, Online.

Well, I am happy to tell you that there are less-invasive, more cost-efficient ways to solve this dilemma.

Ugly Tile: Here are 3 Ways You Can Make It Work:

1. Tile Paint. This invention can take the most dated of spaces and bring it back into the present. There are many products on the market now- we recommend Sherwin Williams Tile Clad. This is an epoxy mixture that you can have made into the color of your choice. Once you have taped off the tiles you are painting, you can get started. It is amazing the difference a little tile paint can make!

See A Before and After:

Lindsay and Drew BlogspotBEFORE. Photo Source: 

Lindsay and Andrew Blogspot OnlineAFTER. Photo Source: 

2. Wallpaper. Another option that works wonders, is to simply embrace the eclecticism of your old tiles, and add some wallpaper to bring cohesiveness to it. There are many beautiful wallpaper designs out now, and by adding it to your space, you are drawing the eye away from the tile, and onto the awesome wall pattern! The key is to include the color of your tile in your wallpaper design, or just stick to black and white.

Here Is A Great Use of Wallpaper With Old Tile:

IMG_1207Image Source:

Here are some of the most commonly seen retro tile colors, paired with some of Pure Home’s wallpaper picks!

Beaux Wallpaper Black Fern Wallpaper Pigeon Punch Wallpaper Blue Loop Wallpaper Monsoon Wallpaper Image Map

Wallpapers at Click each one for more details.


3. Decor. Sometimes we may just be renters, and are forced to live with the more fixed
properties in our space. It is in this situation, that we must get creative with the decor. It is
always helpful to implement items into your tiled space that complement the colors that are
pre-existing, as well as include the color of your tiles. For example, if you have a light blue
tiled space, you will want to add some orange tones (the opposite on the color wheel- blue
and orange are complementary), as well as many different hues of blue. You can implement
paint, artwork, window treatments and accessories to make it work for you.

See A Before and After: