Fashionista Friday: Open up through change!

Dressing up and changing styles never stops being fun, or meaningful. Going through different style trends allows for more outlets for you to express yourself! Growing up, I was more focused on clothes, but now I love seeing the ways that my home decor can reflect my style as well.


My mom studied opera and that inspired her abundance of theatrical clothing. As a little girl, I would sneak into her closet while she was busy doing housework and pick out the most extravagant, sequined dress, do a little dance in front of the mirror and pretend I was a famous star.


Playful glitz & glam accent table would do your inner star-child proud.

In college, my friend and I would theme our style according to the seasons. In the summer, she bleached her hair platinum blonde and wore ripped t-shirts with high-waisted black shorts. It was her late 60’s rebel-child play wear.


This echo pink side table is reminiscent of Debbie’s punk chic

It’s so exciting for me now to find fun retro pieces that remind me of that phase.

In the winter, we wore riding pants and tall boots- mysterious equestrians.


In my home, I show that style through rustic, yet sophisticated pieces.

My favorite inspiration was Spring French girl- pleated skirts and lacy tank tops, perfectly topped with a small boxy purse.


French Antique Mirror adds poise to your home

It was fun changing character throughout the year. Our lifestyles went hand in hand with our changing styles. In the summer, we had fun and adventures, and that spring, I ended up enrolling in a French class outside of my credit requirements!

My most recent style change was when I moved to Seattle from Chicago. At first, I wasn’t a fan of all the flannel and grunge. It seemed like the style emerged out of nonchalance. But quickly, I realized the practicality of the flannel- the perfect thickness in the transitioning seasons! Most notably, beyond the practicality, I grew to love the down-to-earth style. Through accepting this, I became more “Seattlan”.


Sable Petal Window Curtain is suggestive of nature, elegant, and still laid-back

Changing up your style is a great way to get to know yourself. What styles have you been wanting to try? Whenever there is change in your life, whether the seasons, or your setting, there is always room to open up to new styles!

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