Monday Musings: Spring Renewal, Midcentury Style!

As a new member of the Pure Home buying team, I’ve been reflecting on how far I’ve come. Just a short time ago I was helping clients create beautifully appointed environments they and their loved ones could call home. As a new chapter in my life emerges, a focused renewal if you will, I have an even better opportunity to add objects to others’ lives that imbue a sense of style while stimulating an emotional response.


This is an extremely exciting opportunity and one I do not take lightly.  While the world of decorating lavish homes can be inspired by a whim, being an astute buyer leaves little room for error.  Like many of us, I can be my own worst critic.  I may not second guess myself, but I’m always the last hunter to pull the trigger.   


Spring is drawing near and with that, new steps for change! I plan to follow my instincts and seek out innovative new artisans, creators and manufacturers.  At the same time, I’m continuing my family’s goal to create an exciting life for ourselves in our new home.

coffee table 05_1

So….spring renewal!  As a designer, a big part of renewal is centered around re-upholstery.  Bringing back a sense of life to an old piece feels reassuring and gives me an immediate sense of accomplishment.  Unfortunately that feeling was always short lived and months later, I ‘d begin to think about the possibility of a new “something”. This year, I’ve decided to make the leap and purchase a new sofa.  Since my partner and I are looking to add to our circle of friends, we are thinking a larger piece in an easy to care for material would be the best fit for our family

The long lines of innovation Living’s Idle Sofa certainly fits our criteria. It’s perfect for seating several people and holds true to our midcentury theme!


Of course, as we all know, a new sofa inevitably leads to other new items and a new chair certainly wouldn’t break the bank.  How about this adorable little number from Heritage Furniture?  The well designed arm height is similar to that of the sofa while the stoic back adds scale.


With two new pieces to set the stage, it’s only a matter of time before I find more exciting items to imbue a sense of renewal.  Spring is in the air! How will you renew your home?

Image Sources: Nature Woodway Residence midcentury living room coffee table flowers