Vintage Blue Peacock Embroidered Throw Pillow By D.L. Rhein

by DL Rhein

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Antique `findings’, as they call it, are something of a specialty with D.L. Rhein. She loves to pick up vintage wallpaper, baubles, trinkets etc. during her travels and repurpose these “treasures” into desirable keepsakes. The Blue Peacock vintage throw pillow is a prime example of this. The embroidered square throw pillow is a unique composite of a vintage peacock motif in light and navy blue, set against scraps of old, weathered paper with random printed text. The quirky appeal of this embroidered throw pillow defines the designer’s unique ability to primp and fluff old, forgotten mementos of the past into something refreshingly fresh and decidedly contemporary.

  • 100 hemp, down-filled
  • 16” W x 16” H

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