Alto Steps Moss Stair Rugs, Set of 6

by Liza Phillips Design

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Grow Some Moss

Step right up to stunning style! With the Alto Steps Moss Stair Rugs, Set of 6, from Liza Phillips, you can enjoy gorgeous comfort underfoot at all times. Tibetan weavers handknot these stair rugs from Himalayan wool, which has been finished with eco-friendly or natural vegetable dyes. Each one comes in a different shade of green and features a dotted line accent. Let these rugs add fresh, organic color to your space, or use them to gain some solid, stylish footing. Climbing stairs has never looked this good.

  • Set of six stair rugs
  • Each individual stair is a different shade of green
  • Comes with a roll of adhesive mesh for installation
  • Handknotted in Nepal

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