Waterfall Triptych Wall Art

by Elementem Photography

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Imagine walking through a calm forest when you hear a soft gurgle of water cascading down stacked rocks from around the bend. Create a gateway into another world with the frameless Elementem Photography Waterfall Triptych Wall Art. Featuring a wide shot of a forested waterfall, the pieces are printed on vinyl and mounted on wooden MDF frames. Each panel is then lightly laminated for easy cleaning (Windex and water recommended) and protection. All materials needed for installation are provided, making it easy and quick to put up. Elementem is dedicated to bringing beauty into homes, and this scene is no exception. The vertical orientation is great for high ceiling rooms and stairwells.

  • Elementem Photography donates one percent of sales towards environmental causes
  • High resolution photograph for great clarity and quality
  • Three laminated panels

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